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- Ewine van Dishoeck, Professor of Astronomy, Leiden University.
HIFI co-I, overall coordinator of the WISH key program, as well as of the low-mass YSO subprogram.

Research interests in astrochemistry of gas and dust, especially as related to star- and planet formation, and in basic molecular processes studied by laboratory experiments and theoretical calculations. Expertise with submillimeter single-dish and interferometer observations, as well as with mid-infrared data from ISO, Spitzer and VLT. Modeling expertise includes chemical models of diffuse and dense clouds (especially PDRs), disks and molecular excitation/radiative transfer.

email: ewine[et]strw.leidenuniv.nl

Groups members with alphabetical order

- Yuri Aikawa, Assistant Professor, Kobe University.
HIFI KP affiliate.

Research interests in the formation of star and planetary system. Currently working on theoretical models of molecular evolution in prestellar cores and protoplanetary disks. External collaborator in pre-stellar cores subprogram.

email: aikawa[et]kobe-u.ac.jp

- Rafael Bachiller, Astronomer and Director of the Spanish National Astronomical Observatory (OAN).
HIFI co-I.

Research interests include mechanisms of star formation and young planetary nebulae, with emphasis in bipolar outflows and their associated chemistry. Experience with mm and submm single-dish and interferometers, including the design, management, construction, commissionning and scientific use of large facilities (Yebes, IRAM, ALMA, HERSCHEL, EVN, SKA, etc). Co-leader of the outflow subprogram.

email: r.bachiller[et]oan.es

- Alain Baudry, professor at University of Bordeaux 1.
HIFI co-I, involved in the HIFI high mass protostellar objects program.

Interests: properties of molecular clouds and star forming regions; experience with mm observations and construction/commissioning of radio astronomy instruments. ALMA Project Office member.

email: Alain.Baudry[et]obs.u-bordeaux1.fr

- Milena Benedettini, Researcher at IFSI-INAF Rome.
HIFI KP associate.

Research in star formation based on the analysis and interpretation of the observations of star forming regions in the infrared and submm range using both ground based telescopes and satellite data. Particularly interested in the earliest stages of star formation and in the molecular outflows. Member of the Instrument Control Center of PACS-Herschel and involved in the outflow subprogram.

email milena[et]ifsi-roma.inaf.it

- Arnold O. Benz, Professor of Astronomy at Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich.
HIFI Lead co-I for Switzerland, coordinator for the radiation diagnostics subprogram.

Research interest in physical processes related to star and planet formation, including ion-molecules and their chemistry, plasma processes and high-energy radiations. Expertise in stellar radio and X-ray emissions, single-dish and interferometer observations, mostly at centimeter wavelengths. Some JCMT and SMA observations. Learning chemical modeling and radiative transfer.

email: benz[et]astro.phys.ethz.ch

- Edwin A. Bergin, Assistant Professor of Astronomy, University of Michigan.
HIFI co-I, overall coordinator of Orion/SgrB2 key program and involved in the disk and pre-stellar cores subprograms.

Research interests include astrochemistry in relation to star and planet formation extending from the early pre-stellar/planetary phases towards more evolved states. Expert in theoretical astrochemical modeling of the above stages, observational mm/sub-mm wave molecular astronomy, radiation transfer (including water vapor), and space-based observations of water vapor.

email: ebergin[et]umich.edu

- Geoffrey A. Blake, Professor of Planetary Science & Professor of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology,
HIFI co-I. Involved in low-mass and disk subprograms.

Research interests include astrochemistry in relation to star and planet, formation, especially that in proto-planetary disks and their surrounding envelopes, and in the evolution of molecular complexity toward pre-biotic species. Expert in molecular spectroscopy, with both observational and laboratory programs, and in observational molecular astrophysics at mm/sub-mm wave and infrared wavelengths.

email: gab[et]gps.caltech.edu

- Per Bjerkeli, WISH PhD student, Onsala Space Observatory, Chalmers University of Technology, started Jan 2008 with René Liseau (Now Postdoc at Copenhagen University)

Research interests are mainly water in molecular outflows and shocks. Water and HCO+ observations of various sources have been carried out using Odin and the Onsala 20 m telescope. Is currently working with HIFI data reduction and radiative transfer modelling using a ALI code.

email: per.bjerkeli[et]chalmers.se

- Sylvain Bontemps, CNRS researcher at the L3AB/Observatoire de Bordeaux, member of the high-mass YSO sub-program.
HIFI KP associate.

Interest and expertise in star formation including outflows, earliest phases of both high- and low- mass star formation, and embedded clusters. Wide experience in observational work from IR to radio-cm range (continuum and molecular line) including ISO.

email: bontemps[et]obs.u-bordeaux1.fr

- Jonathan Braine, Astronomer, Observatoire de Bordeaux.
HIFI co-I.

Research interests linked to galaxies, star formation, and the interstellar medium, with a view to understanding galaxy evolution. Involved in the high mass protostellar objects part as the high-mass end is particularly crucial to the luminosity and chemical evolution of the universe. Long experience with mm and submm observations, spectroscopy and continuum, using both single dishes and interferometers.

email: braine[et]obs.u-bordeaux1.fr

- Simon Bruderer, PhD student, ETH Zurich, started May 2006 with Benz in collaboration with Doty and van Dishoeck (Now Postdoc at MPE).
HIFI KP associate.

Working on 2D chemical models of high-mass / low-mass YSOs under the influence of high energy radiation. Some experience with single-dish observations using KOSMA. Will be involved in the radiation diagnostics subprogram (preparatory observations and evaluation).

email: simonbr[et]astro.phys.ethz.ch

- Paola Caselli, Researcher at the INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri and Center for Astrophysics, USA.
HIFI co-I. Coordinator of the prestellar core subprogram, as well as collaborator of the HIFI GT HS3F KP in the prestellar core and hot core subprograms.

Research interest on astrochemistry of molecular clouds and star forming regions (from pre-stellar cores to protoplanetary disks), and on molecular spectroscopy. Expertise with mm- and submm-observations. Modeling expertise includes chemical models of gas phase and surface chemistry, in particular of dense clouds and star forming regions, and models of the dust/gas interactions in shocks.

email: caselli[et]arcetri.astro.it

- Jose Cernicharo, Professor at CSIC, Madrid.
Herschel Mission Scientist and involved in the PACS spectral scans in the WISH KP.

Research interests in astrochemistry in general, including ISM and late-type stars and galaxies. Large expertise in mid-infrared observations using ISO, especially of water, and in submillimeter spectroscopy, including pioneering observations of the 183 GHz water line.

email: cerni[et]damir.iem.csic.es

- Claudio Codella, Research Astronomer, INAF-Istituto di Radioastronomia, Firenze.
HIFI co-I.

Research interests in star formation, in particular in low- and high-mass embedded protostars, their associated accretion and ejection properties and large scale outflows. Expertise with mm- and sub-mm ground based single-dish and interferometer observations and analysis of molecular gas in the interstellar medium. Involved in outflow subprogram.

email: codella[et]arcetri.astro.it

- Fabien Daniel, PhD student, LERMA/DAMIR, started Oct. 2003 with M.-L. Dubernet and J. Cernicharo (Now Postdoc at Centro de Astrobiología, Madrid).
HIFI KP associate.

Research interests in molecular collision dynamics and in high and low mass star formation through radiative transfer modeling of molecular line emission. Contributing collional cross sections and involved in analysis of PACS spectral scans.

email: Fabien.daniel[et]obspm.fr

- Odysseas Dionatos, Marie Curie PhD student under the JETSET Network, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma (Now Postdoc at University of Copenhagen).
HIFI KP associate. Started November 2005 with Brunella Nisini.

Works on complementary JCMT/APEX and Spitzer observations and H2O radiative transfer models for outflows. Will be involved in planning observations in the outflow subprogram and in initial HIFI and PACS data reduction and analysis. Involved in the outflow subprogram.

email: dionatos[et]mporzio.astro.it

- Carsten Dominik, Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam,
HIFI co-I, coordinator of the Intermediate-mass subprogram of the HS3F KP.

Research interests include star and planet formation, with emphasis of dust aggregation in disks and its relation to the presence of molecules in disks. Expert in theoretical modeling for protoplanetary disks, ice formation in AGB star winds, and detailed dust aggregation calculations. Involved in the disk subprogram.

email: dominik[et]science.uva.nl

- Steven Doty, Associate Professor, Denison University.
HIFI KP affiliate.

Expertise in constructing detailed physical-chemical models of star-forming cores, and comparison with IR and submm observations. Expert in self-consistent radiative transfer both through dust and molecular lines - especially water, thermal balance, and chemical modeling, including dynamics. Currently working on water radiative transfer models for low- and high-mass YSOs.

email: doty[et]denison.edu

- Pierre Encrenaz, Professor, University Pierre and Marie Curie and Paris Observatory.
Herschel Mission Scientist.

Interests include observations of the ISM with molecules (isomers, isotopic substitutes), observations of spectral features on the CMB using Odin. Extensive expertise in heterodyne receivers with Schottky and SIS technologies. Involved in PACS spectral surveys.

email: pierre.encrenaz[et]obspm.fr

- Michael Fich, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Waterloo.
HIFI co-I, member of the intermediate mass YSO program.

Research interests include: (1) physical parameters that determine the star formation process - triggers that begin the process, parameters that determine the rate of star formation, characteristics that set the stellar mass; (2) formation of disks, planets, and bipolar outflows; (3) the structure of the interstellar medium in galaxies. Expert in observational far-infrared/submm/radio astronomy and instrumentation at these wavelengths, radiation transfer in molecular lines, and galactic structure.

e-mail: fich[et]astro.uwaterloo.ca

- Wilfred Frieswijk, Kapteyn Astronomical Institute and SRON, started Jan. 2004 with Shipman, Spaans and Tielens.
HIFI KP associate.

Currently working on the identification of massive dark clouds in the outer Galaxy and the physical characterization of massive protostellar cores. Observational experience with single-dish (sub-)millimeter observations. Involved in high-mass subprogram.

email: frieswyk[et]astro.rug.nl

- Asuncion Fuente, Astronomer, Observatorio Astronomico Nacional,
HIFI co-I.

Primary research areas are molecular clouds, astrochemistry and star formation. Extensive experience with mm and submm telescopes and with ISO. Involved in intermediate mass subprogram.

e-mail: a.fuente[et]oan.es

- Teresa Giannini, Astronomer, Observatorio Astronomico, INAF, Rome.
HIFI KP associate.

Research activity focussed on protostellar jets and their interaction with the interstellar medium. Expertise in modeling emission lines from outflows. Large observational experience in near- and far-infrared (ISO) spectroscopy. Involved in outflow subprogram.

e-mail: giannini[et]mporzio.astro.it

- Javier R. Goicoechea, Marie Curie postdoc at the Observatory of Paris, former PhD student at Madrid with Cernicharo (Now Postdoc at Centro de Astrobiología, Madrid).
HIFI associate.

Main research activities are molecular astrophysics in the far-IR, radiative transfer and chemistry in PDRs. Most of his studies are based on ISO observations, including water. Involved in analysis of PACS spectral surveys.

e-mail: javier[et]lra.ens.fr

- Anna Maria di Giorgio, Researcher at the INAF-IFSI, Rome.
HIFI co-I. Responsible for the HIFI Instrument On Board Software.

Research interest in star formation. Expertise with far-IR spectroscopic data from ISO and in SED modeling, and, in the future, chemical modeling. Involved in the outflow subprogram.

email: Anna.DiGiorgio[et]ifsi-roma.inaf.it

- Thijs de Graauw, Senior Researcher SRON and Professor of Astronomy at Leiden Observatory.

Research interests in molecular clouds in our own and external galaxies, and in solar system objects. Extensive experience in building submm and mid-infrared instrumentation for space and ground-based telescopes, including ISO-SWS, JCMT, APEX and ALMA. Involved in the calibration aspects.

email: thijsdg[et]sron.rug.nl

- Frank Helmich, Division Head at the Low Energy Astrophysics Division of SRON.
HIFI co-I.

Besides expertise in submm observations (mainly at JCMT) and modelling of dense molecular cores he was also responsible for the calibration of the HIFI instrument. Co-I with the WISH and HS3F programs. Involved in high-mass subprogram.

email: F.P.Helmich[et]sron.rug.nl

- Fabrice Herpin, astronomer, L3AB-Observatoire de Bordeaux, France, HIFI co-I, coordinator for the high-mass YSOs IR dark subprogram.
Member of the HIFI calibration-ICC group.

Research interests in high-mass star formation, star evolution (AGB stars to Planetary Nebulae) and galaxies. Expertise with mm and submm single dish and interferometer observations (with various instruments all over the world), as well as with mid-IR data from ISO. Modeling expertise with excitation/radiative transfer. Expertise with masers (SiO, water and methanol).

email: Fabrice.Herpin[et]obs.u-bordeaux1.fr

- Michiel Hogerheijde, Associate Professor, Leiden University.
HIFI co-I, coordinator of the disks subprogram.

Research interests in low-mass star- and planet formation, and the structure, composition and evolution of protoplanetary disks in particular. Expertise with submillimeter single-dish and interferometer observing, and modeling of molecular excitation, radiative transfer and spectral line formation.

email: michiel[et]strw.leidenuniv.nl

- Thierry Jacq, Astronomer, L3AB, Observatoire de Bordeaux
HIFI Co-I. Collaborator of the high-mass YSO subprogram.

Has expertise in mm single dish and interferometer observations. Interests: HDO and H218O observations in hot cores; involved in complex molecules investigations in ISM. Director of L3AB.

email: jacq[et]obs.u-bordeaux1.fr

- Doug Johnstone, Senior Research Officer, National Research Council Canada, Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics and Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria.
HIFI co-I, leader of the intermediate mass YSO subprogram.

Research interest lies in how and where stars form inside molecular clouds and the process through which the collapse leads to disks and planets. Specific interest lies in constraining the theoretical models for star formation through the use of carefully selected observations. Expert in theoretical determinations of disk destruction, observational sub-mm continuum astronomy, and large-area mapping of star-forming regions.

email: douglas.johnstone[et]nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

- Jes Jorgensen, Post Doctoral Fellow, Argelander Institut fur Astronomie, Bonn (Now Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen).
HIFI KP affiliate.

Main research interests: the physics and chemistry of the deeply embedded stages of low-mass star formation. Expertise in the single-dish and interferometric, submm and mid-infrared observations and radiative transfer modeling. Has recently been heavily involved in the large mapping projects of the c2d (and Gould's Belt) Spitzer Space Telescope legacy teams and high angular resolution submillimeter surveys using the Submillimeter Array. Will move to Bonn University in mid-2007 to take up a staff position in connection with the ALMA Regional Center node there. Involved in the low-mass YSO subprogram.

email: jes[et]astro.umi-bonn.de

- Michael J. Kaufman, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, San Jose State University and Associate Researcher, Space Science and Astrobiology Division, NASA Ames Research Center.
HIFI KP affiliate.

Research involves modeling the chemistry, thermal structure and dynamics of interstellar gas, particularly in star forming regions. Extensive experience in modeling far-infrared/sub-mm line emission from water in MHD shock waves in the outflows from young stars, as well as the structure of, and emission from, FUV-illuminated molecular clouds in galaxies. Involved in the outflow subprogram.

email: mkaufman[et]email.sjsu.edu

- Eric Keto, Astrophysicist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
HIFI KP affiliate.

Research interests in both high and low mass star formation especially observations and radiative transfer modeling of radio frequency spectral lines, and in the hydrodynamics of molecular clouds and cores. Expertise in submillimeter observations with both single-dish telescopes and interferometers.

email: keto[et]cfa.harvard.edu

- Tim van Kempen, Post-doc, Harvard-Smitsonian Center for Astrophysics (Moved to Leiden Observatory as ALMA Allegro Fellow)
HIFI KP associate.

Currently working on complementary JCMT/APEX observations and H2O radiative transfer models for low-mass YSOs. Involved in planning of low-mass subprogram and in initial HIFI data reduction and analysis.

email: tvankempen[et]cfa.harvard.edu

- Lars E. Kristensen, WISH postdoc at Leiden Observatory (Moved to Harvard-CfA, now Asst Prof at Copenhagen University)
HIFI KP associate.

Main research interests include the role of astrochemistry in low-mass star formation and in outflows. Currently leading the effort in gathering complimentary data for different sub-programs, and will later be involved in all aspects of HIFI data reduction.

email: lars.kristensen[et]nbi.ku.dk

- Bengt Larsson, Research Astronomer, Stockholm Observatory.
HIFI ICC, KP associate, member of the outflow sub-program.

Research interests: low-mass star formation. Expertise: mm and sub-mm ground based observations, sub-millimeter (ODIN) mid- and far-IR (ISO) observations from space.

email: bem[et]astro.su.se

- Dariusz C. Lis, Senior Research Associate in Physics, California Institute of Technology. (Now at Paris Observatory)
HIFI co-I.

Research interests include star formation, astrochemistry and deuterium fractionation in cold interstellar medium, photon dominated regions, Galactic center interstellar medium, volatile composition of comets. Expert in continuum radiative transfer modeling and observational submillimeter-wave astronomy.

e-mail: dcl[et]submm.caltech.edu

Rene Liseau, Professor of Astronomical Space Research, Stockholm University.
Swedish HIFI Lead co-I, coordinator of outflow subprogram. Coordinator of the Odin Star Formation programs.

Research interests are mainly in the cold interstellar clouds which lead to new generations of stars and planetary systems. Broad observational experience, mainly as a spectroscopist, over the entire electromagnetic spectrum, but with preponderance to the FIR-to-millimeter regime. Development of both analytical and numerical methods to interpret data.

email: rene[et]astro.su.se

- Mathieu Marseille, PhD student, Observatoire de Bordeaux, with Herpin and Bontemps.
HIFI KP associate.

Involved in observations and radiative transfer modeling of high-mass YSOs.

e-mail: Mathieu.Marseille[et]obs.u-bordeaux1.fr

- Gary Melnick, Senior Astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
HIFI co-I.

Research interests include properties of molecular clouds and star-forming regions with a particular emphasis on their composition and thermal balance. Recent activities include leadership of the Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS) project, one goal of which was the study of water in interstellar clouds. Prior experience includes airborne and ground-based infrared and submillimeter observations. Involved in outflow subprogram.

email: melnick[et]cfa.harvard.edu

- Joseph Mottram, WISH/WILL Post-Doc at Leiden Observatory (Moved to MPIA)
HIFI KP associate, member of low-mass sub-team.

Research interests in star formation across the mass range and the interaction between star formation and molecular clouds from Galactic to protostellar scales. Expertise with single-dish observations from mid-IR to mm wavelengths, particularly for large surveys. Expertise also includes spectral energy distribution fitting and line radiative transfer modeling.

email: mottram[et]strw.leidenuniv.nl

- David A. Neufeld, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University.
HIFI co-I.

Research interests center on molecular astrophysics and interstellar chemistry. Expert on molecular excitation, radiative transfer, and interstellar shock waves. Experience in radio, submillimeter, and infrared observations with Arecibo, SWAS, Spitzer, and ISO. Involved in outflow subprogram.

email: neufeld[et]pha.jhu.edu

- Brunella Nisini, Research Astronomer, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma.
HIFI co-I, co-leader of the outflow sub-program.

Research interests in star formation: in particular in low-mass embedded protostars, their associated accretion and ejection properties and large scale outflows. Expertise with IR and sub-millimeter ground based observations and with mid- and far-IR data from ISO. Former Co-I in the ISO-LWS consortium. Also expertise in atomic and molecular excitation and in diagnostic techniques based on spectroscopic data. Also involved in planning and analysis of PACS observations.

email: nisini[et]mporzio.astro.it

- Michael Olberg, Research Engineer, Onsala Space Observatory, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.
HIFI co-I, member of the outflow sub-program.

Research interests in star formation: physical and chemical conditions in low-mas star forming regions, molecular outflows and associated shock physics and chemistry. Expertise with mm and sub-mm ground based and space-born (Odin) observations. Responsible for level 0 to level 1 data calibration for the Odin satellite mission, both astronomy and aeronomy. Involved in outflow subprogram.

e-mail: michael.olberg[et]chalmers.se

- Laurent Pagani, Researcher at CNRS and Observatoire de Paris.
HIFI KP affiliate.

Research interest in dark clouds, low-mass prestellar cores and low-mass YSOs, gas, dust and astrochemistry. Expertise in single-dish observations, in data reduction of satellite observations (Odin, ISOCAM), in molecular radiative transfer. Some technical expertise of mm heterodyne receivers. Involved in prestellar cores subprogram.

email: laurent.pagani[et]obspm.fr

- Olja Panic, PhD student, Leiden University, with Hogerheijde (From Nov.2009 ESO ALMA Fellow in Garching).

Involved in planning and analysis - H2O in discs subprogramme.
Research interests in protoplanetary disc structure and evolution, with a focus on submillimetre interferometric observations, molecular excitation and radiative transfer, and disc modelling. Experience with SMA, CARMA, JCMT, APEX and VLT.

email: panic[et]strw.leidenuniv.nl

- Berengere Parise, Humboldt research fellow, Max Planck Institut fur Radioastronomie, Bonn.
HIFI KP affiliate.

Research interests include low-mass star formation and astrochemistry, in particular deuterium chemistry and the interaction between gas and dust in the formation of molecular complexity. Expertise in mm/submm single-dish observations (IRAM, JCMT, APEX). Contribution to WISH through observation/modelling of HDO emission from the single-dish ground-based telescopes.

email: bparise[et]mpifr-bonn.mpg.de

- John C. Pearson, Member of technical staff, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, NASA HIFI Instrument Manager,
HIFI co-I.

Research interest include molecular physics, calculation of molecular transition frequencies and intensities and molecular collisional energy transfer as applied to molecular clouds and star forming regions. Expertise is in molecular spectroscopy including line identification, molecular Hamiltonian modeling, calculation of line frequencies and intensities and in the HIFI heterodyne instrumentation. Involved in disk subprogram.

email: John.C.Pearson[et]jpl.nasa.gov

- Rene Plume, Associate Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Calgary.
HIFI co-I, member of the intermediate mass YSO subprogram.

Research interests include the physics and chemistry of the interstellar medium, particularly as they relate to the formation of molecular clouds, stars, and planets. Recent interests include numerical modeling of astrochemistry. Expert in millimeter and submillimeter observations and analysis of molecular gas in the interstellar medium.

e-mail: plume[et]phas.ucalgary.ca

- Dieter Poelman, PhD student, University of Groningen, with Spaans and van der Tak.
KP affiliate.

Expertise in water radiative transfer modeling using multi-D escape probability method. Will be involved in modeling of high-mass YSO subprogram.

e-mail: dieter[et]astro.rug.nl

- Demerese Salter, PhD student, Leiden University, with Hogerheijde (Now postdoc at University of Maryland).

Research interests include interferometric observations of planet-forming disks and the evolution of the dust grains in these disks. Involved in preparing and analysing the disks subprogram.

e-mail: demerese[et]strw.leidenuniv.nl

- J. Santiago-Garcia, PhD student Observatorio Astronomico, Madrid, with Bachiller and Tafalla.
HIFI KP associate.

Interests in star formation, in particular outflows and pre-stellar cores.

e-mail: j.santiago[et]oan.es

- Paolo Saraceno, Senior researcher, INAF-IFSI, Rome.
HIFI co-I.

Interests in various aspects of star formation. Extensive experience with far-IR and submm observations from ground and space, especially ISO-LWS (including water). Involved in the outflow subprogram.

email: saraceno[et]ifsi-roma.inaf.it

- Markus Schmalz, PostDoc, Leiden Observatory
Science Support Scientist for ALMA Early Science

Research interests in early stages of low-mass star-formation. Earlier research was done in the framework of the EPoS Herschel Key Programme at MPIA Heidelberg to model the density and temperature distribution of pre- and protostellar cores.

email: schmalzl[et]strw.leidenuniv.nl

- Russell Shipman, Scientist, SRON.
HIFI co-I.

Research interests in high-mass star-formation, especially mid-infrared dark clouds. Extensive experience with IR and submm observations, including ISO-SWS. Involved in the high-mass subprogram, in particular pre-stellar cores.

email: russ[et]sron.rug.nl

- Pascal Stauber, former PhD student, ETH Zurich, with Benz and van Dishoeck.
HIFI KP affiliate.

Modeling chemical networks under the influence of inner FUV and X-ray radiations in high-mass and low-mass YSOs and envelopes. Expertise in single-dish submillimeter observations using JCMT and KOSMA. Was involved in planning of hydride subprogram and preparatory observations. Has moved out of the field but is still available as consultant.

email: pascalst[et]astro.phys.ethz.ch

- Mario Tafalla, staff astronomer, Observatorio Astronomico Nacional, Madrid.
HIFI KP associate.

Research interests in star formation, especially pre-stellar condensations and bipolar outflows. Observational expertise with single dishes and interferometers at millimeter wavelengths (continuum and spectroscopy). Modelling expertise in molecular radiative transfer. Involved in prestellar cores and outflow subprograms.

email: m.tafalla[et]oan.es

- Floris van der Tak, submm scientist, SRON Groningen.
HIFI co-I and coordinator of the subprogram on high-mass YSOs.

Expert in the formation of high-mass stars and in radiative transfer in molecular lines. Extensive experience in modeling emission lines from high-mass protostellar envelopes and low-mass pre-stellar cores. Observational experience with single-dish telescopes, mm- and cm-wave interferometry, and mid-infrared spectroscopy. Some experience with laboratory spectroscopy. Leads the Dutch part of the JCMT spectral survey.

email: vdtak[et]sron.rug.nl

- Ruud Visser, PhD student (Moved to Michigan University, now at ESO)
HIFI KP associate.

Main research interest is astrochemical models of low-mass YSOs. Involved in low-mass subprogram, using models to analyse the water data. Also somewhat involved with analysis of complementary data.

email: ruvisser[et]strw.leidenuniv.nl

- Serena Viti, Professor at University College London/Associate Researcher at INAF, Rome.
HIFI co-I.

Research interests lie within the field of astrochemistry, star formation and extragalactic studies, both by observations and modelling, with emphasis on the use of chemical and dynamical models to study the clumpy nature of the ISM and star forming regions. Other interests include spectroscopic studies of very low mass stars, such as M and brown dwarfs.

email: sv[et]star.ucl.ac.uk

- Malcolm Walmsley, "Astronomo Ordinario" (equivalent to Full Professor), Arcetri Observatory.
HIFI co-I and collaborator in the high mass and prestellar cores subprograms.

Research Interests, properties of molecular clouds and star forming regions, expertise with mm observing and modelling of interstellar clouds.

email: walmsley[et]arcetri.astro.it

- Friedrich Wyrowski, Astronomer in the Submillimeter Astronomy group, MPIfR.

Main research interests are massive star formation and the interaction of young massive stars with their environment as well as the physical conditions in molecular envelopes around late type stars. Strong expertise in high angular resolution studies using centimeter to millimeter interferometers. Experience in submillimeter astronomy through the commissioning and early science with the APEX telescope. Leads the mapping part of the high-mass subprogram.

email: wyrowski[et]mpifr-bonn.mpg.de

- Umut A. Yildiz, WISH PhD student, Leiden Observatory, started Dec 2008 with Ewine van Dishoeck (Now at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory).
HIFI KP associate.

Working on HIFI CO observations of low-mass YSOs. Also experience with single-dish complementary observations using JCMT/APEX/IRAM30m. Involved in low-mass subprogram and in HIFI data reduction and analysis. Responsible for the WISH Live Data Show and webmaster of the key program (this website).

email: Umut.Yildiz[et]jpl.nasa.gov


Webpage is hosted at Leiden Observatory. For questions, remarks or updates, please email Umut Yildiz